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Product Review: The Wingman by Leatherman

This is the perfect tool for around the house quick chores, hiking, camping or on the jobsite; and priced at .50 you won’t be afraid to test out the abuse this tool can take! Leatherman says it is 14 tools in one; from their website:


Product Review

Spring-action Needlenose Pliers
Spring-action Regular Pliers
Spring-action Wire Cutters
420HC Combo Knife
Package Opener
Wood/Metal File
Small Screwdriver
Medium Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Ruler (1.5 in)
Bottle Opener
Can Opener
Wire Stripper

Product Review: The Wingman by Leatherman


Removeable Pocket Clip
Stainless Steel Body
All Locking Outside Blades
Stainless Steel Handles

I’ve tried out the Wingman and have a few things I like about it and a few things I could live without. First off the tool feels like a tool in your hand and I like the way the pliers operate. They are beefy enough for basic, quick tasks and are definitely capable of doing the job when a quick fix is needed.

I love the ability to access the knife blade without opening the tool and also really like the locking blades for safety. The first Leatherman tool I owned was the now retired Leatherman Super Tool. I still have it and still love it, but I remember one of the best features was the locking blades; something prior to the Super Tool I had never seen on a multi-tool before; though I’m not sure if Leatherman was the first to offer this feature.

The scissors are decent enough and very handy to have while camping or fishing. I have to say that no multi tool is complete without both the flat and Phillips screw driver.

Regarding the file; I’m not a huge fan of a file on any knife as it seems to be one of those tools that is just a “filler blade”. But I guess that if you had a hang nail or a small burr it could prove useful though I’ve never found myself in a position where I thought, “man I wish I had a file”. Come to think of it though, I have enough knives with a file on them that I should never find myself in that position!! LOL

The other tool on this knife that I’m not overly thrilled about is the wire stripper. After struggling to use it, I’d personally rather use the blade to score the wire and then use the pliers to peel of the stripped portion.

The bottle/ can opener goes without saying is also a feature that I believe is 100% required on any mans multi-tool! Though I’ve seen many tricks for getting that beer bottle open including a bic lighter and the edge of a table, I’d rather have the tool in my pocket for such emergencies as Miller time!

So to sum up my review of the Leatherman Wingman…

It is a fantastic low cost multi tool built to last and take the abuse we throw at our knives.
The pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, bottle opener and package opener are tools I use regularly and have no complaints about the Wingmans design.
The outside accessible knife and scissors are great and the locking tools make a valuable safety feature.
The inside tools are have a “push through” feature that makes them easy to access.
The spring action pliers make using them easy and quick
The “ruler” isn’t incredibly useful in my opinion but if you need to measure something short…
To be fair I would call this an 11 tool knife and for that I still believe it is well worth the more than fair price tag; but to call it a 14 tool knife is a stretch.
As always Leatherman has created an incredibly useful multi tool that is made with the exceptional quality we have all come to expect from Leatherman.

Product Review: The Wingman by Leatherman

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