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Companies and Product Reviews

Some interesting data has recently been reported about how shoppers online in the United States are more and more turning to user reviews much more than expert reviews for researching products. In one study, it was reported that about 50% of shoppers online that research products say they usually only consult product reviews written by consumers more often.

What Consumer’s Look For

Product Review

Also interestingly one joint study by two e-tailing group showed that those web sites using online ratings and reviews – which average about 15% of all websites, have gained respect with online buyers. Not only do these user reviews aid in converting buyers when they reach a site, but consumers are looking actively for websites having reviews before making a purchase or brand decision.

Companies and Product Reviews

In order to manage and promote this type of user reviews, marketers now use their influential marketing methods to achieve desired behavioral response. Customer testimonials and reviews seem to currently be more powerful when it comes to advertising. These reviews seem to be more successful in building reliability and offering a sense of security to new customers.

Companies with Business and Reviews

The data from social media sites is showing the consumers trust fellow consumers better than celebrities or experts in the field. Ninety percent of consumers have more faith in reviews or input of a company from those people that they already know while seventy percent of consumers believe reviews even when they did not know the consumer offering the review. Interesting is only 27% of individuals believe experts and advertisements has dropped to fourteen percent. Celebrities are trusted even less with only 8 percent believing them.

According to industry experts, there are 4 types of businesses when it comes to consumer reviews: businesses getting the majority of their business by referrals and don’t get any online review as well as caring less about them; businesses getting the majority of business by referrals, get online reviews and believing that nobody reads them much less cares; businesses that think that reviews are tremendously important and work hard to get a lot of them; and finally businesses that believe reviews are hugely significant, work very hard to get them but don’t get many.

The problem for the first 2 types of businesses who rely very heavily on referrals but pay little attention to them are sometime in the future going to come across somebody who is going to write a bad review of their business and will have severe penalties if the review gets around. The business that is paying consideration to reviews could at least get the chance to catch the negative one and in some way remedy the problem.

Companies and Social Media

Whether it is product reviews or business reviews with the new social media networks, companies need to be paying attention to what these reviews are saying. If your products are worthless with your customer service even worse and a consumer puts that in a review – social media has in some cases just ruined your business.

So this is the point that companies need to figure out – social media and what the consumers think matters greatly. Product reviews as well as company reviews do matter and companies who haven’t been paying attention to the reviews need to start accepting social media and its importance in the change now happening on the internet.

Companies and Product Reviews

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