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eFoods Global, Product Review

eFoods Global, headed by Steve Shenk, CEO and Founder, is an emergency foods and goods company that is capitalizing on the food storage phenomenon that has become very mainstream lately. eFoods Global recently changed its name from Sundance Global, but offers essentially the same products. It is a good opportunity for those interested in owning their own home-based business.

They have a very visually appealing website, that explains who they are and what they do. They offer helpful food storage tips as well as product descriptions and even recipes.

Product Review

This is a multi-level marketing company, and uses IBOs or Independent Business Owners as a way to distribute its product. The compensation plan is easy to understand and appears to be very competitive with other MLM compensation plans. Their website explains how the commissions work, as well as how the “passive” income will work further down.

eFoods Global, Product Review

The IBOs will initially earn commissions based upon their own product sales. Further income, or “residual” income will come from sales of products from recruitments. Recruitments are individual signed up to eFoods Global by you, the Independent Business Owner, and your income will be somewhat dependent on their income, and so it goes down the line.

For those looking for a legitimate home-based business, eFoods Global certainly fits the bill. The public is clearly jumping on to the food storage bandwagon. They are finding that it gives them a sense of security, and it is a common sense way to try and stay ahead of the rising costs of goods and services. This is a product/service that the public is using.

The potential for income growth with these sales is strong. The problem of limited income potential lies with the recruitment of new IBOs. Because none of us knows enough people within our own circles to recruit in such vast numbers, the best and most effective way to reach the people you need will be to use the internet. Marketing yourself on-line and letting your prospective client base know about your product or business is they key to success. Some on-line marketing skills will be needed to attract the large numbers of traffic needed to support your website. If you do not have those basic skills, a good on-line marketing tutoring program will be needed to get you started. They are advertised on-line, just be sure to do your homework and go with a reputable program.

As with starting any new endeavor, be sure to get all the information on eFoods before you commit to joining their company. Go on their website and make sure you understand the products you will be selling as well as the compensation plan. This appears to be a dynamic company, fully invested in the products they sell as well as the global community.

eFoods Global, Product Review

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