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HTC Sensation – Product Review

In terms of looks, the new HTC Sensation may be very similar to previous HTC releases such as the Desire S because of its rounded aluminum case. The features, although improved in the new release, are similar too, which is not at all a bad thing. After all, HTC smartphones have always been known for their impressive features, and even slight improvements are very much welcome.

Probably the best thing about the HTC Sensation as far as appearance is concerned, is the contoured screen which is just a little bit sunk into the bezel. This makes it unique and also protects the phone from scratches when it is put on the table face down, which by the way, actually has another purpose – putting the phone face down, that is. When you are in the middle of an important meeting and the phone rings in full blast, lifting the phone will lower the volume, and laying it on the table will completely silence the ringer. Impressive? The new HTC Sensation has a lot more than just that to offer.

Product Review

Although the 4.3″ screen is the same as that on the HTC Desire HD, the HTC Sensation’s rounded edges and narrower frame makes it much more comfortable to hold. The 540 x 960 resolution offers a lot more pixels than most smartphones in the market, although it still pales in comparison with the incomparable iPhone 4′s 640 x 960 display resolution. Be that as it may, HTC’s standard-bearer still is quite impressive with its crystal clear display. Even in zoom mode, the web pages, including the text contents, remain sharp.

HTC Sensation – Product Review

The 1.2 GHz dual core processor is the power behind the impressive display of this smartphone. This supplies sufficient power to run various Android apps. Various benchmarking tests normally utilized to compare the performance of comparative smartphones showed the HTC Sensation ahead of other models in the same category in terms of speed, power, and overall performance.

HTC is one of only a handful of smartphone manufacturers that have successfully complemented the Android OS with their own built-in user interface. The HTC Sense v 3.0 provides a lot of useful and entertaining features for users to enjoy. Your Twitter, Google, and Facebook address books, for example, can easily be synchronized or combined. Likewise, your different accounts in social networking sites can be simultaneously updated easily.

The HTC Sensation weighs 148 g. which is on the heavy side when compared to its rivals like the Galaxy S2 of Samsung. This is mainly because the HTC phone has a metal back while the Galaxy sports a much lighter plastic back.

Another area where the HTC Sensation needs improvement on is its battery life. Although it can last for two days with light usage (to include active applications like GPS and WiFi), activating battery-hungry apps such as sat-nav can suck the battery dry in less than one day. Although the new HTC smartphone likewise tends to get hot while it is charging, it really does not affect its performance. However, just like with any other phone, proper care must be observed to keep your HTC sensation from overcharging.

HTC Sensation – Product Review

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