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Product Review: Producteev

There are many great aspects to the subject, that we will review carefully so you may get the most from it.}

Task management is something that many of us practice. We sort, organize, and create an agenda in order to make our work days more efficient. To aid us in our task management, Producteev has created a solution to help us manage our work. This software is still new to the market, but has much potential, and it can be quite useful for anyone, not just businesses.

Task management has been something we each do ourselves. When we want to work, we turn off our cell-phones, avoid messages, and even e-mails. But those dings and alerts tend to still get us. They distract us from what we’re doing, even if it’s for just a second. Then, out of curiosity, we find ourselves checking our messages. That seems a little counterproductive to what we’re trying to do- work. This is where Prodcteev comes in.

Product Review

From the introduction, we saw how this subject can be best for anyone. I will continue by explaining the basics of this topic.

Producteev is designed to help you organize your day, set time allotments for work, and even allow you to receive messages when you’re ready for them, rather than filling your workspace up with data that has to wait. Overall, the idea is awesome and very affordable. You can start with a minimum setup for free. The regular, which has email abilities, is only five dollars a month. With the email options, comes the ability to add, review, and sort tasks, set deadlines, and upload your files.

When you’re using the management system, your emails can be forwarded to Producteev, and they will create a task list and send you alerts when needed. Wherever your workspace is preferred, whether it be through instant messaging, email, web, phone, or Gmail, they can help you manage your tasks through these mediums. This provides a wide outlet of available task sourcing so that you can be reached just about anywhere you are.

A bonus app was designed for the iPhone, offering some rather cool options. You can choose and structure a schedule for when you want to be able to receive messages and alerts. You can even set up important notifications that you want to alert you when you need them too. Say for instance that you need to focus on work, so you have your alerts turned off. In case of emergency, those alerts of your choosing can still alert you so that you don’t have to turn your phone off to avoid unnecessary calls.

Unfortunately, the iPhone is the only mobile device to have the app, so far. Until they have apps for the Droid and other cellular devices, your best bet is to simply turn them to silent until you’re ready to be in contact again.

The nice thing about Producteev is that it works both online or offline. Scheduling and alerts still go on as scheduled, allowing you to continue keeping your agenda no matter where you are. You can label, arrange, organize your schedule, and then have complete access to it whether or not you’re uplinked to the system.

The compatibility with Google is nice. Gmail and Google Calendar both have the ability to sync with Producteev to keep your agenda flowing smoothly. You don’t have to jump around to try to find out where you need to be. Everything can be centralized in one place to keep things simple for you. Producteev also has compatibility with Outlook in order to expand its coverage to ensure a quality task management system.

Overall, Producteev is a handy tool for the business person on the go. We don’t all have time to manage our time, and it can be worth it to have a helping hand ready to take some of the load. While it isn’t as available for the cellular systems as it could be, there is still time to expand their horizon. If you’re in need of a good task management system, Producteev is affordable and can make your day flow smoothly as planned.

Product Review: Producteev

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