Product Review – Accurist Watches

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Accurist watches were launched in 1946 in London as a quality brand at great value prices. This brand set out to change the perception that a watch was a once in a lifetime purchase by designing fashion inspired watches that were sported by stars of the 60s such as Twiggy and The Beatles. Not only were the large, colourful watches worn by stars and inspired by fashion, Accurist also ensure they were affordable. And this ethos has continued to this day as Accurist offer a large range of great value watches to suit all styles, tastes and budgets.

This brand became known for quality and value and the profile was boosted by celebrities of the time wearing and championing the brand. In the 1970s due to the launch of the digital quartz movement, Accurist was selected as the chosen brand and official watch of the pilots of the newly launched Concorde. The brands profile has continued to rise and in more recent years it has been the official time-keeper of the speaking clock service. In 1997, Accurist provided the official countdown to the Millennium by providing Greenwich with a satellite controlled clock that would count down the last 1000 days of the 20th Century. This impressive satellite clock was accurate to within 1/10,000,000th of a second so there was no way the Millenium would be celebrated a second early or late!

Product Review

Not only did Accurist concentrate on fashion inspired designs, which has continued all the way through in the main collection but also the Accu.2 range, but it was also keen to use excellent materials and be clear in what each watch offered. The water resistance of each model is clearly stamped on the reverse of the case or in the some cases this information is displayed on the dial. Some of the more luxurious styles of the Accurist watches feature real diamonds and if this is the case this again clearly displayed on the dial.

Product Review – Accurist Watches

This prestigious watch brand offers a three year manufacturer’s warranty with some of the 9ct gold range having a 5 year warranty. A guarantee of three years on the standard collection is more than many of the other watch brands offer and just serves to highlight the importance on value and quality that Accurist aim to instil in their brand ethos.

With fashionable watches, glamorous design and timeless classics, Accurist strive to design watches suitable for all styles. Considering customer budgets and prices points is another thing this brand does well as they aim to create watches that are affordable to all without compromising on the quality of design, material and aftercare. By pricing their models around the mid range and designing with fashion in mind, Accurist implore you to own more than one watch, to treat yourself or loved ones to styles to suit occasions and this is a trend we are seeing rise in popularity. In fact it seems that many people have jumped on the trend of having more than one watch at any one time and for this we commend the forward thinking Accurist team of 1946 who thrust their affordable brand and fashionable designs on to the wrists of celebrities and in to the face of popular culture!

Product Review – Accurist Watches

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